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Copyright 2021 Alex Spencer Music
All words and music - Alex Spencer

Recorded at Mad Fox, mixed and produced by Tayte Nickols, 13/14 February 2021
Mastering - two zero nine mastering
Filming/editing - The Journey Production House


The Sunshine's coming out today
Its all finally coming my way
No rain knocking on my door
if it carries on, I cant take this no more
We are the future, but we live in the past
We don't see correctly but we see through the looking glass
I look out my window, see the nice blue skies
Tomorrow we find out, that were in paradise
Wake up with a bad attitude
Maybe sing a song thats a bit out of tune
Running down the road like it was yesterday
But its alright, its alright
Get annoyed at the fact that things just come and go
Don't get the chance to say, goodbye or say Hello
Dont feel like mooving, just wanna stay in bed
This crazy lockdown is messing with my head